Passages © 2005

This sculpture is an abstract design, symbolic of a woman’s spiritual passage through life.  I carved the original passages sculpture from a beautiful piece of stone in 2004.  The first bronze was produced in 2005 using a mold made from the original stone.
I have dedicated this piece to my good friend, Trudy Anne DeGroat, who died in 2003.  She had a keen intellect and a kind and caring spirit.  She was a strong woman who viewed the world through loving eyes, faced her challenges with faith and courage and was an inspiration to those of us who knew and loved her.

Wings © 2008

Although this woman sometimes feels the weight of the world on her shoulders, she has the gift of wings. Fully extended and powerful, they can take her wherever her heart desires. She holds herself open to the spirit and invites its’ goodness to flow through her into the world while remaining content in her anonymity. I have dedicated this sculpture to my father, James Edward Seifert, who died in 2008. He challenged me and cheered me on as I tried my wings in each new endeavor.

A Carefree Moment © 2002

I was commissioned to design a sculpture of two young children running together through a field.  In my mind’s eye I remembered back to the carefree life of a young child full of hope about what would be around the next corner.  I saw the dream weaving and spontaneity of a brother and sister traveling together on the road to “who knows where”.  I attempted to capture this precious innocence in the body language of these children.
My hope is that we will create a world in which all children have the opportunity to be carefree and full of dreams on the peaceful road to “who knows where”. 

An Elegant Moment © 2000

My inspiration for this piece came from watching the graceful, elegant gymnastic ribbon dancers in the Olympic Games.
My focus in designing this sculpture was on movement, poise, physical discipline…the elegance of this fluid, controlled motion.  I see her dancing through a gracefully choreographed routine.  In my mind’s eye, she is at the apex of her routine when I capture a single frame, frozen in time…an elegant moment.

Ann Seifert


Ms. Seifert was born in the United States.  After earning her University degree, she moved to California to expand her horizons and follow her dreams.  She found her new home in Big Sur, California where she lived from 1986 - 2014. She worked with and studied sculpting technique, perspective and design with Loet Vanderveen from 1991-2015.  She currently is the owner of MAS Art, LLC, Loet Vanderveen Legacy Editions and continues to design and sculpt in her Northern California studio. 


Mas Art, LLC is the exclusive publisher of the art of Ann Seifert