An Elegant Moment © 2000 
 13”L  x  8”W  x  15”H          
Total Edition 250

A Brief Narrative

My focus in designing this sculpture was on movement, poise, discipline...the elegance of this fluid, controlled motion.  She is at the apex of her routine when I attempted to capture a single frame, frozen in elegant moment.                                                                                          ​

Enough © 2003 

7”L x 4.5”W x 2.25”H
Limited Edition 250                                                                                                

A Brief Narrative​

We live in a very chaotic world.  My thoughts when designing this piece were to support the wisdom of breaking away from the chaos in order to reclaim our balance.  This woman has had enough and has drawn into herself in a meditative pose to breathe deeply and gather her thoughts.  She will follow her breath into the moment and there she will find peace and revitalization.  Then she will be ready once again to interact with others and meet the demands of the day. 

A Carefree Moment © 2002   

9”L  x  6.25”W  x  9”H          
Total Edition 250
A Brief Narrative

​ In my mind’s eye I saw the possibility of the carefree life of young children full of hope about what would be around the next corner.  I saw the dream weaving and spontaneity of a brother and sister traveling together on the road to “who knows where”.  I attempted to capture this precious innocence in the body language of these children.

My hope is that we will create a world in which all children have the opportunity to be carefree and full of dreams on the peaceful road to “who knows where”. 

Personal Strength © 2004 
17.5”L x 3.5”W x 2.50”H
Limited Edition 250

A Brief Narrative​

This design continues the theme I created in the "Enough" sculpture.  The woman represented by "Enough" has wisely retreated from the worldly chaos that surrounds her and has gone inside to replenish and rejuvenate her mind, body and spirit.  

"Personal Strength" is the same woman after her meditation.  Now, rested, calm, clear and powerful...she is ready to face the world with all her prowess.                                                                                    ​

Animal Designs

“It is a delightful challenge to sculpt animals in a pose which displays something of their character…a loyal dog, a quiet attentive feline, an elegant swan.  The goal is to use an animal’s physical attributes combined with some aspect of it’s behavior to create a unique sculpture design."

Animal and Figurative Designs

Contemporary Bronze Sculpture

A Moment of Grace © 1999 

7”L x 7”W x 13”H
Limited Edition 250​

A Brief Narrative​

This was my first limited edition bronze sculpture.  I made an education out of the years I worked on her, studying with Mr. Loet Vanderveen until the sculpture was complete.  It was a process that lasted five years.
I believe we each experience moments of grace throughout our lives.  These moments manifest in many different ways reflecting our unique lives. This sculpture is a reflection of a moment in a woman’s life when she is totally at peace with herself.  These are solitary moments when she, unobserved, experiences a deep spiritual connection.  A moment during which all cultural pressure regarding how she should look and act is absent. She has forgotten all things.  I see what she feels inside.  She is experiencing “a moment of grace”, when she is utterly content and gloriously free.  She bathes in this feeling, if only for a moment. 

Figurative Designs

“The slight movement of a shoulder up or over, a change in the tilt of the head, an adjustment of the torso or legs to accentuate or relieve tension.  We are complex emotional creatures and our body language reflects this.”

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Ann Seifert